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Installing Python packages using pip in 3ds Max

By December 15, 20173ds Max, Maya, Python, Tip

Since 3ds Max 2014, Max includes a version of Python, which means that you can use Python to write scripts for 3ds Max. Also, this allows us to intall third parties Python libraries so they can be used in your developments.

By default, Max ships with some default Python libraries installed, the most useful and interesting for Character TD / Technical Artist stuff are:

  • Max 2014: PySide
  • Max 2015: PySide
  • Max 2016: PyQt4, PySide
  • Max 2017: PySide, pysideuic

These libraries are installed in: {MAX_INSTALLATION_PATH}\python\Lib\site-packages

The easiest way to install third party Python libraries to Max is through pip, which allow us to download and install the packages from PiPy server.

//pip install --no-cache-dir -t "{path_to_max_python_libs}" {pyton_package_name}
pip install --no-cache-dir -t "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017\python\Lib\site-packages" Shiboken

With the -t flag we  set a specific folder where the downloaded package is installed and with –no-cache-dir flag we force pip to download the package completely again (when you download a package ,pip stores information from that package in its cache and, in future installations of the same package, instead of downloading the package, pip takes the info from its cache)


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